5 Best Social Video Downloaders

At times, while scrolling through your social media applications, you come across a certain video or audio that catches your eye. You instantly share it on your homepage, tag a buddy or two, so they can also enjoy the said video and want to download it onto your device instantly. For that, you need to know about the different downloading websites available over the internet for different social media platforms to download videos from social media.

This article is all about those websites, which would help you get to the best website available according to us. There might be so many reasons; why one wants to download a video. They might need it for some video marketing efforts, or they might want to share it with their family and friends over some different social media platforms. They might want to save it on your device to watch it later without needing an internet connection.

Whatever the reason might be, you would still need some downloading tools to download social videos. Below is the list, according to us, best downloading websites that would help you ease your downloading process.

Best Facebook Video Downloader

The most simple and most popular downloading website for Facebook videos is fbdowloader. Having a self-reliable rocking name, fbdownloader is a reliable platform to download Facebook videos.

This ready – to – go Facebook video downloader, does not require any additional information or software to your computer or any other device. Simply copy and paste the video URL into the field, click on the “GO” button, and download your favorite Facebook video in mp4 format.

This tool lets you download the videos from FB in SD and HD quality. It also has a separate feature that lets you download private videos. Wicked, isn’t it. Additionally, it lets you convert Facebook videos into mp3 files. All in all, it’s a solid tool that gets the job done in a few and simple steps.

Best Instagram Video Downloader

The most popular tool to download Instagram videos is “downloadinstagramvideos”.As the name suggests, this is a web-based Instagram video downloader with a self–explanatory name. this tool works smoothly on all major browsers.

  • Open Instagram and copy the link of the post. If you’re on a web browser, copy the URL from the address bars. If you’re on a mobile app, tap on options (the three-dotted line at the top) and tap on the copy link.
  • Open downloadinstagramvideos and paste the link into the field (next to where it says “Instagram video URL”). You may have to type www. before the URL proceeds.
  • Click on the button that says,” Download Instagram Videos.”
  • You’ll then be able to preview your video—click/Tap on the download button underneath it.

In just these four easy steps, you can get your hands on your favorite Instagram videos.

Best Twitter Video Downloader

Let’s talk about a simple and straightforward tool with an equally straight name ”twittervideodownloader”. To download twitter videos using this tool, simply follow the following steps.

  • Copy the URL of the tweet or the video (you can either copy the address from the address bar or from the share tweet options below)
  • Paste the copied URL into the field on the main homepage and click on the download button

The tool will then convert the tweet into mp4 format, which you can save anywhere on your device. In addition to the videos, the tool also allows you to download GIFs. Twitter Video Downloader is completely safe and downloads videos directly from the Twitter CDN servers.

Best Tumblr Video Downloader

As the name suggests and tells you the story behind the name, a web-based tool designed for download videos from Tumblr – a well-known site. It lets you download fabulous videos onto your personal devices i.e. tablets, mobile devices, home computers, without installing any third-party software.

Tumblr – Video – Downloader is a feasible solution. This online Tumblr video downloader gives users the possibility to download Tumblr Videos at a fast speed. This site also gives you support to download videos from Facebook for offline watching and sharing and it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Linux platforms.

Best Video Downloader for Vimeo

With an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, this web-based downloading tool is one of the best Vimeo Videos downloaders. As straight as the name suggests, this tool targets the Vimeo Videos and downloads them into mp4 format. It takes less space and keeps the quality the same as the online video.

Vimeo to mp4 gives the users a satisfying experience and makes them come back again and again for downloading Vimeo Videos. This web-based tool does not require any third-party software installation onto your devices. It is free of cost and does not require any lengthy process of subscriptions.

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